class FlowPanel

[source: scala/swing/FlowPanel.scala]

class FlowPanel(alignment : Value)
extends Panel with Wrapper
A panel that arranges its contents horizontally, one after the other. If they don't fit, this panel will try to insert line breaks.
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Additional Constructor Summary
def this : FlowPanel
Value Summary
override lazy val peer : javax.swing.JPanel
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Method Summary
def hGap : Int
def hGap_= (n : Int) : Unit
def vGap : Int
def vGap_= (n : Int) : Unit
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Additional Constructor Details
def this : FlowPanel

Value Details
override lazy val peer : javax.swing.JPanel

Method Details
def vGap : Int

def vGap_=(n : Int) : Unit

def hGap : Int

def hGap_=(n : Int) : Unit