Scala API

This document is the API specification for Scala Library

Class Summary
case class Apply0 (val rfun : (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit) extends Product
class CustomObjectInputStream (os :, cl : java.lang.ClassLoader) extends with AnyRef
class ExitFun (reason : AnyRef) extends (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit
class JavaSerializer (serv : Service, cl : java.lang.ClassLoader) extends Serializer
class LinkToFun extends (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit
case class LocalApply0 (val rfun : (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit, val a : AbstractActor) extends Product
case class Locator (val node : Node, val name : Symbol) extends Product
case class NamedSend (val senderLoc : Locator, val receiverLoc : Locator, val data : Array[Byte], val session : Symbol) extends Product
class NetKernel (service : Service) extends AnyRef
case class Node (val address : java.lang.String, val port : Int) extends Product
This class represents a machine node on a TCP network.
class Proxy (node : Node, name : Symbol, val kernel : NetKernel) extends AbstractActor
case class RemoteApply0 (val senderLoc : Locator, val receiverLoc : Locator, val rfun : (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit) extends Product
case class SendTo (val a : OutputChannel[Any], val msg : Any, val session : Symbol) extends Product
abstract class Serializer (val service : Service) extends AnyRef
trait Service extends AnyRef
class TcpService (port : Int, cl : java.lang.ClassLoader) extends java.lang.Thread with Service
class TcpServiceWorker (parent : TcpService, so : extends java.lang.Thread with AnyRef
class UnlinkFromFun extends (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit
Object Summary
object Apply0 extends ((AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit) => Apply0
object FreshNameCreator extends AnyRef
object LocalApply0 extends ((AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit, AbstractActor) => LocalApply0
object Locator extends (Node, Symbol) => Locator
object NamedSend extends (Locator, Locator, Array[Byte], Symbol) => NamedSend
object Node extends (java.lang.String, Int) => Node
object RemoteActor extends AnyRef
object RemoteApply0 extends (Locator, Locator, (AbstractActor, Proxy) => Unit) => RemoteApply0
object SendTo extends (OutputChannel[Any], Any, Symbol) => SendTo
object TcpService extends AnyRef
case object Terminate extends Product