Scala API

This document is the API specification for Scala Library

Class Summary
case class ! [a](val ch : Channel[a], val msg : a) extends Product
trait Actor extends OutputChannel[Any] with AnyRef
class Channel [Msg] extends InputChannel[Msg] with OutputChannel[Msg] with AnyRef
This class provides a means for typed communication among actors. Only the actor creating an instance of a Channel may receive from it.
class Debug (tag : java.lang.String) extends AnyRef
case class Exit (val from : Actor, val reason : AnyRef) extends Product
class FJTaskScheduler2 extends java.lang.Thread with IScheduler
abstract class Future [T](val ch : InputChannel[Any]) extends () => T
trait IScheduler extends AnyRef
This abstract class provides a common interface for all schedulers used to execute actor tasks.
trait InputChannel [+Msg] extends AnyRef
The InputChannel trait provides a common interface for all channels from which values can be received.
class MessageQueue extends AnyRef
The class MessageQueue provides an efficient implementation of a message queue specialized for this actor library. Classes in this package are supposed to be the only clients of this class.
class MessageQueueElement extends AnyRef
This class is used by our efficient message queue implementation.
trait OutputChannel [-Msg] extends AnyRef
The OutputChannel trait provides a common interface for all channels to which values can be sent.
class Reaction extends java.lang.Runnable with AnyRef
class SingleThreadedScheduler extends IScheduler
This scheduler executes the tasks of an actor on a single thread (the current thread).
class TickedScheduler extends java.lang.Thread with IScheduler
class WorkerThread (sched : IScheduler) extends java.lang.Thread with AnyRef
Object Summary
object ! extends AnyRef
object Actor extends AnyRef
The Actor object provides functions for the definition of actors, as well as actor operations, such as receive, react, reply, etc.
object Debug extends AnyRef
object Exit extends (Actor, AnyRef) => Exit
object Futures extends AnyRef
The Futures object contains methods that operate on Futures.
object Scheduler extends AnyRef
The Scheduler object is used by Actor to execute tasks of an execution of an actor.
case object TIMEOUT extends Product
object TimerThread extends AnyRef
This class allows the (local) sending of a message to an actor after a timeout. Used by the library to build receiveWithin(time: long). Note that the library deletes non-received TIMEOUT message if a message is received before the time-out occurs.