Scala 2.7.0-final

API Specification

This document is the API specification for Scala Library Documentation

Class Summary
abstract class AccessMode extends AnyRef
abstract class DerivedColumn extends AnyRef
abstract class Expression extends Relation
An expression that calculates some value from fields.
case class Insert (val insertionTarget : java.lang.String, val insertionData : InsertionData) extends Status with Product
An insertion of values into a table.
abstract class InsertionData extends AnyRef
Data to be inserted into a table in an Insert.
abstract class IsolationLevel extends AnyRef
abstract class JoinType extends AnyRef
A join behaviour in a Jointure.
abstract class Jointure extends Relation
A jointure between two relations.
abstract class Relation extends Statement
A statement that returns a relation.
abstract class Select extends Relation
A statement that when executed on a database will return a relation. The returned relation will be a subset of a table in the database or a jointure between such subsets.
case class SetClause (val name : java.lang.String, val expr : Expression) extends Product
Data to be inserted into a table in an Insert.
abstract class SetQuantifier extends AnyRef
A set quantifier that defines the collection type of a relation.
abstract class Statement extends AnyRef
An ISO-9075:2003 (SQL) statement.
abstract class Status extends Statement
A statement that changes the status of the database.
abstract class Table extends Relation
A reference to a table in the database.
case class Transaction [ResultType](val transactionBody : (Database) => ResultType, val accessMode : Option[AccessMode], val isolationLevel : Option[IsolationLevel]) extends Statement with Product
A statement that changes the status of the database.
case class Update (val updateTarget : java.lang.String, val setClauses : List[SetClause], val whereClause : Option[Expression]) extends Status with Product
An update of the state of a table.
Object Summary
object AccessMode extends AnyRef
object Insert extends (java.lang.String, InsertionData) => Insert
object InsertionData extends AnyRef
object IsolationLevel extends AnyRef
object JoinType extends AnyRef
object SetClause extends (java.lang.String, Expression) => SetClause
object SetQuantifier extends AnyRef
object Transaction extends AnyRef
object Update extends (java.lang.String, List[SetClause], Option[Expression]) => Update