Scala 2.7.0-final

API Specification

This document is the API specification for Scala Library Documentation

Class Summary
abstract class DataType extends AnyRef
An ISO-9075:2003 (SQL) data type. Mappings between SQL types and database specific types should be provided by the database driver.
case class Database (val dbms : Vendor) extends Product
A link to a database. The Database abstract class must be specialised for every different DBMS.
abstract class Value extends AnyRef
A SQL-99 value of any type.
abstract class Vendor extends AnyRef
This class ..
Object Summary
object DataType extends AnyRef
object Database extends (Vendor) => Database
object Syntax extends AnyRef
This class ..
object Utilities extends AnyRef
An object offering transformation methods (views) on various values. This object's members must be visible in an expression to use value auto-conversion.