class Actor

[source: scala/concurrent/Actor.scala]


abstract class Actor
extends Thread with AnyRef
The class Actor ...
Martin Odersky
use scala.actors package instead
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Method Summary
def receive [a](f : PartialFunction[AnyRef, a]) : a
def receiveWithin [a](msec : Long)(f : PartialFunction[AnyRef, a]) : a
def self : Pid
def self_= (p : Pid) : Unit
def send (msg : AnyRef) : Unit
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Method Details
def send(msg : AnyRef) : Unit

def receive[a](f : PartialFunction[AnyRef, a]) : a

def receiveWithin[a](msec : Long)(f : PartialFunction[AnyRef, a]) : a

def self : Pid

def self_=(p : Pid) : Unit