Scala 2.5.0-final

API Specification

This document is the API specification for Scala Library Documentation

Class Summary
abstract class Source extends Iterator[Char]
The class Source implements an iterable representation of source files. Calling method reset returns an identical, resetted source.
Object Summary
object BytePickle extends AnyRef
Pickler combinators. Based on a Haskell library by Andrew Kennedy, see
object Position extends AnyRef

The object Position provides convenience methods to encode line and column number in one single integer. The encode line (column) numbers range from 0 to LINE_MASK (COLUMN_MASK), where 0 indicates that the line (column) is the undefined and 1 represents the first line (column). Line (Column) numbers greater than LINE_MASK (COLUMN_MASK) are replaced by LINE_MASK (COLUMN_MASK). Furthermore, if the encoded line number is LINE_MASK, the column number is always set to 0.

The following properties hold:

  • the undefined position is 0: encode(0,0) == 0
  • encodings are non-negative : encode(line,column) >= 0
  • position order is preserved: (line1 < line2) || (line1 == line2 && column1 < column2)
    encode(line1,column1) <= encode(line2,column2)
object Source extends AnyRef
This object provides convenience methods to create an iterable representation of a source file.
object UTF8Codec extends AnyRef