class TcpService

[source: scala/actors/remote/TcpService.scala]

class TcpService(port : Int)
extends Thread with Service
Value Summary
val serializer : JavaSerializer
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Method Summary
def addConnection (node : Node, worker : TcpServiceWorker) : Unit
def connect (n : Node) : TcpServiceWorker
def disconnectNode (n : Node) : Unit
def getConnection (n : Node) : Option[TcpServiceWorker]
def isConnected (n : Node) : Boolean
def isReachable (node : Node) : Boolean
def node : Node
def nodeDown (mnode : Node) : Unit
override def run : Unit
def send (node : Node, data : Array[Byte]) : Unit
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Value Details
val serializer : JavaSerializer

Method Details
def node : Node

def send(node : Node, data : Array[Byte]) : Unit

override def run : Unit

def addConnection(node : Node, worker : TcpServiceWorker) : Unit

def getConnection(n : Node) : Option[TcpServiceWorker]

def isConnected(n : Node) : Boolean

def connect(n : Node) : TcpServiceWorker

def disconnectNode(n : Node) : Unit

def isReachable(node : Node) : Boolean

def nodeDown(mnode : Node) : Unit