Scala 2.5.0-final

API Specification

This document is the API specification for Scala Library Documentation

Class Summary
class JavaSerializer (serv : Service) extends Serializer
case class NamedSend (val senderName : Symbol, val receiver : Symbol, val data : Array[Byte]) extends Product
class NetKernel (service : Service) extends AnyRef
case class Node (val address : String, val port : Int) extends Product
This class represents a machine node on a TCP network.
abstract class Serializer (val service : Service) extends AnyRef
trait Service extends AnyRef
class TcpService (port : Int) extends Thread with Service
class TcpServiceWorker (parent : TcpService, so : Socket) extends Thread with AnyRef
Object Summary
object FreshNameCreator extends AnyRef
object RemoteActor extends AnyRef

This object provides methods for creating, registering, and selecting remotely accessible actors.

A remote actor is typically created like this:

  actor {
    register('myName, self)

    // behavior

It can be accessed by an actor running on a (possibly) different node by selecting it in the following way:

  actor {
    // ...
    val c = select(TcpNode("", 9010), 'myName)
    c ! msg
    // ...
object TcpService extends AnyRef