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Type Members

  1. trait DecorateAsJava extends AnyRef

    A collection of decorators that allow to convert between Scala and Java collections using asScala and asJava methods.

    A collection of decorators that allow to convert between Scala and Java collections using asScala and asJava methods.

    The following conversions are supported via asJava, asScala

    • scala.collection.Iterable <=> java.lang.Iterable
    • scala.collection.Iterator <=> java.util.Iterator
    • scala.collection.mutable.Buffer <=> java.util.List
    • scala.collection.mutable.Set <=> java.util.Set
    • scala.collection.mutable.Map <=> java.util.Map
    • scala.collection.mutable.concurrent.Map <=> java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap

    In all cases, converting from a source type to a target type and back again will return the original source object, e.g.

    import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
    val sl = new scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer[Int]
    val jl : java.util.List[Int] = sl.asJava
    val sl2 : scala.collection.mutable.Buffer[Int] = jl.asScala
    assert(sl eq sl2)

    The following conversions also are supported, but the direction Scala to Java is done my a more specifically named method: asJavaCollection, asJavaEnumeration, asJavaDictionary.

    • scala.collection.Iterable <=> java.util.Collection
    • scala.collection.Iterator <=> java.util.Enumeration
    • scala.collection.mutable.Map <=> java.util.Dictionary

    In addition, the following one way conversions are provided via asJava:

    • scala.collection.Seq => java.util.List
    • scala.collection.mutable.Seq => java.util.List
    • scala.collection.Set => java.util.Set
    • scala.collection.Map => java.util.Map


  2. trait DecorateAsScala extends AnyRef

  3. trait WrapAsJava extends AnyRef

  4. trait WrapAsScala extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object WrapAsJava extends WrapAsJava

  2. object WrapAsScala extends WrapAsScala

  3. object Wrappers extends Wrappers with Serializable

  4. val decorateAll: DecorateAsJava with DecorateAsScala

  5. val decorateAsJava: DecorateAsJava

  6. val decorateAsScala: DecorateAsScala

  7. val wrapAll: WrapAsJava with WrapAsScala

  8. val wrapAsJava: WrapAsJava

  9. val wrapAsScala: WrapAsScala

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