package reflect

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. class Eval[T] extends AnyRef

  2. trait FastTrack extends AnyRef

    Optimizes system macro expansions by hardwiring them directly to their implementations bypassing standard reflective load and invoke to avoid the overhead of Java/Scala reflection.

  3. abstract class FormatInterpolator extends AnyRef

  4. trait FrontEnd extends AnyRef

  5. class ReflectGlobal extends Global with ReflectSetup with SymbolTable

    A version of Global that uses reflection to get class infos, instead of reading class or source files.

  6. abstract class StdContextTags extends StdTags

  7. trait StdTags extends AnyRef

  8. trait ToolBox[U <: Universe] extends AnyRef

  9. case class ToolBoxError(message: String, cause: Throwable = null) extends Throwable with Product with Serializable

    Represents an error during toolboxing

  10. abstract class ToolBoxFactory[U <: JavaUniverse] extends AnyRef

  11. trait WrappedProperties extends PropertiesTrait

    For placing a wrapper function around property functions.

Value Members

  1. implicit def Eval[T](expr: reflect.api.JavaUniverse.Expr[T]): Eval[T]

  2. object ReflectMain extends Driver

  3. object StdRuntimeTags extends StdTags

  4. implicit def ToolBox(mirror0: Mirror): ToolBoxFactory[universe.type]

  5. object WrappedProperties

  6. def mkConsoleFrontEnd(minSeverity: Int = 1): FrontEnd

    Creates a reporter that prints messages to the console according to the settings.

    Creates a reporter that prints messages to the console according to the settings.

    minSeverity determines minimum severity of the messages to be printed. 0 stands for INFO, 1 stands for WARNING and 2 stands for ERROR.

  7. def mkSilentFrontEnd(): FrontEnd

    Creates a UI-less reporter that simply accumulates all the messages

  8. package quasiquotes

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