package patmat

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Type Members

  1. trait Debugging extends AnyRef

  2. trait Interface extends TreeDSL

  3. trait Logic extends Debugging

  4. trait MatchAnalysis extends MatchApproximation

  5. trait MatchApproximation extends TreeAndTypeAnalysis with ScalaLogic with MatchTreeMaking

  6. trait MatchCodeGen extends Interface

    Factory methods used by TreeMakers to make the actual trees.

  7. trait MatchCps extends AnyRef

    Segregating this super hacky CPS code.

  8. trait MatchOptimization extends MatchTreeMaking with MatchAnalysis

    Optimize and analyze matches based on their TreeMaker-representation.

  9. trait MatchTranslation extends AnyRef

    Translate typed Trees that represent pattern matches into the patternmatching IR, defined by TreeMakers.

  10. trait MatchTreeMaking extends MatchCodeGen with Debugging

    Translate our IR (TreeMakers) into actual Scala Trees using the factory methods in MatchCodeGen.

  11. trait MatchWarnings extends AnyRef

  12. trait PatternExpander[Pattern, Type] extends AnyRef

    An extractor returns: F1, F2, .

  13. trait PatternMatching extends SubComponent with Transform with TypingTransformers with Debugging with Interface with MatchTranslation with MatchTreeMaking with MatchCodeGen with MatchCps with ScalaLogic with Solving with MatchAnalysis with MatchOptimization with MatchWarnings with ScalacPatternExpanders

    Translate pattern matching.

  14. trait ScalaLogic extends Interface with Logic with TreeAndTypeAnalysis

  15. trait ScalacPatternExpanders extends AnyRef

    This is scalac-specific logic layered on top of the scalac-agnostic "matching products to patterns" logic defined in PatternExpander.

  16. trait Solving extends Logic

  17. trait TreeAndTypeAnalysis extends Debugging

Value Members

  1. object PatternMatchingStats