package jvm

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Type Members

  1. abstract class BCodeBodyBuilder extends BCodeSkelBuilder

  2. abstract class BCodeGlue extends SubComponent

  3. abstract class BCodeHelpers extends BCodeTypes with BytecodeWriters

  4. abstract class BCodeIdiomatic extends BCodeGlue

  5. abstract class BCodeSkelBuilder extends BCodeHelpers

  6. abstract class BCodeSyncAndTry extends BCodeBodyBuilder

  7. abstract class BCodeTypes extends BCodeIdiomatic

  8. trait BytecodeWriters extends AnyRef

    For the last mile: turning generated bytecode in memory into something you can use.

  9. class FileConflictException extends IOException

    Can't output a file due to the state of the file system.

  10. abstract class GenASM extends SubComponent with BytecodeWriters with GenJVMASM

  11. abstract class GenBCode extends BCodeSyncAndTry

  12. trait GenJVMASM extends AnyRef

    Code shared between the erstwhile legacy backend (aka GenJVM) and the new backend