package reify

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. trait Errors extends AnyRef

  2. trait Phases extends Reshape with Calculate with Metalevels with Reify

  3. abstract class Reifier extends States with Phases with Errors with Utils

    Given a tree or a type, generate a tree that when executed at runtime produces the original tree or type.

  4. trait States extends AnyRef

  5. abstract class Taggers extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. package codegen

  2. package phases

  3. def reifyEnclosingRuntimeClass(global: Global)(typer0: (analyzer)#Typer): tools.nsc.Global.Tree

  4. def reifyRuntimeClass(global: Global)(typer0: (analyzer)#Typer, tpe0: tools.nsc.Global.Type, concrete: Boolean = true): tools.nsc.Global.Tree

  5. def reifyTree(global: Global)(typer: (analyzer)#Typer, universe: tools.nsc.Global.Tree, mirror: tools.nsc.Global.Tree, tree: tools.nsc.Global.Tree): tools.nsc.Global.Tree

  6. def reifyType(global: Global)(typer: (analyzer)#Typer, universe: tools.nsc.Global.Tree, mirror: tools.nsc.Global.Tree, tpe: tools.nsc.Global.Type, concrete: Boolean = false): tools.nsc.Global.Tree

  7. package utils

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