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about scalabeans 0.1

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Just saw the announcement about scalabeans, I've been desperately
needing something like this, thanks. Does it have something like java
bean property editor support? so I can take a date as a string and
have it make a date instance for a property?

class Account(created:Date)
val descriptor = descriptorOf[Account]
val builder = descriptor.newBuilder()
// add some property editor ?
builder.set(descriptor("created"), "2011-10-10 12:12:12 GMT")
val accountWithDate = builder.result()

Really nice work, thanks,

Alexander Dvorkovyy
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Re: about scalabeans 0.1

Hi Mike,

No, there is nothing like PropertyEditor yet. Sounds like a nice
feature, we will think about it. Has many applications actually, not
only for GUI frameworks but also for serialization to/from text-based
formats like JSON and XML.

Thanks for your feedback!


Alexander Dvorkovyy

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