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Colladoc Smart Search

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Hi everyone,

You have not heard from me and from the Collaborative Scaladoc project
for a while, but I hope this waiting was worthwhile.

Today, I would like to introduce the latest addition to the Colladoc
application - the Colladoc Smart Search.

I had this idea in mind already for a while (essentially since I started
working on Colladoc). Searching through documentation was always a pain;
while conventional full text search engines such as Google or Bing allow
one to index and search through the set of static pages of the generated
documentation, their lack of support for programming language makes the
search results very imprecise and difficult to use.

Therefore, I have come up with an idea to integrate conventional search
engine (e.g, Apache Lucene) into Colladoc application making it possible
to search for identifiers, symbols and documentation comments.

This idea has been proposed as an MSc Student group project and its
implementation took place over the last 12 weeks. Yesterday, the project
source codes were finally released and today, I would like to announce
its public availability.

Same as before, you can try the application online (
for the Scala standard library. Usage instructions can be found at
project wiki ( For those of you interested in
contributing by extending and improving the implementation, sources are
available at GitHub (

As usual, with the project of this size, there are many things leftover
to be done in the future. Additionally, such project also opens up a
potential for other possible future extensions. Therefore, if you come
up with an idea for any improvement, or discover any issue in the
current version, please let us know using the official project tracker

Finally, I would like congratulate and thank to the Colladoc Smart
Search project team - Akil Burgess, Alakbar Ayyubov, Jamil Rzayev,
Miroslav Paskov and Rumyana Neykova. Colladoc is non-trivial application
and they had to get acquainted with its code base very quickly.
Moreover, the project realization required them to solve many complex
problems. They did so with a great results and I really hope you will
like the result as much as I do.

Big thanks also belongs to Cristian Cadar who was supervising the
project with me and this project would not be realized without his help.


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