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Scala Job Opportunity in NYC

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My client is looking to hire a fulltime or consultant with experience
with Scala in NYC pays upto 120k and Bonus and stock options, Please
email to rairley [at] utdsolutions [dot] com or call at 212 444 1649

Fast growing NYC startup in financial services industry seeks a
highly skilled server side developer with at least 5+ years experience
developing server side components using Java stack, expertise in
developing using functional programming languages such as Scala and
NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. Applicant must demonstrate deep
knowledge of high-performance computing using these technologies,
enjoy working in a fast-paced environment of a startup, and be able to
work independently and within a team to meet aggressive deadlines.
The applicant must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer
Science with 5+ years of work experience with server-side development.
Financial services industry experience is not necessary although it is
considered a plus.

Skills Required:
1. Functional Programming (Scala)
2. NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra etc.)
3. J2EE (with Spring/Hibernate)
4. Apache/Tomcat

Steven Shaw
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Re: Scala Job Opportunity in NYC

> 3.      J2EE  (with Spring/Hibernate)

You guys seriously still use J2EE from 2003? Surely you are using the later JEE?

Sorry, but the term "J2EE" is one of my bugbears and I usually find it
to be a red flag when it comes to job ads and company profiles. Not
the kind of impression you probably want for a recent start up!

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