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[netbeans] scala plugin news?

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Rodrigo Cano
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Hi all,

It's been a while since any news about the plugin for NetBeans came out, so I was wondering if it is still alive? I mean, will it be further developed?
There are some bugs in the current release, but I don't mean just fixing them with "further developed", but improving, adding things like refactor through projects,
better content-assistance (eg: type ctrl+space in any context and visible variables should be offered, not just the parameters to the method, this applies also
for visible methods: most of the time, to see the methods available  for "this" I have to input this.<ctrl+space> and then delete de "this." because I don't want it),
code completion for constructors so that when writing :


I should see all its available constructors in order to choose one.

Other desirable features would be: Insert Code... -> Implement Method.., Insert Code... -> Override Method.., Insert Code... -> Delegate Method..

If the plugin wont be further developed (due to whatever reason), maybe its time to move onto another IDE?, it would be a shame since NetBeans is the IDE of
choise to many of us.


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