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Best free IDE for Scala?

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Marc Weber
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Re: Best free IDE for Scala?

Hi list,

I've read the whole thread now.

Comments like "works best for me" .. don't really show that the
authors tried different solutions and are aware of the difference.
Whether they really help you is questionable (IMHO).

IDE's are going to switch. Features are implemented.

The real question I want to ask is: Do we want to see threads like this
over and over again? Or should we start a wiki page having a short
feature matrix so that people (and IDE programmers) can have a look at
it to find their IDE of choice for their tasks more easily.
Then we can point people to the wiki in the future.


(My experiences, which may be outdated as well)

Some time ago I tried all:
Vim (codefellow),
Emacs (ensime)

Some month ago I found that completion was best in Eclipse. IDEA did not
find all. This may have changed. I'm a big fan of vi(m) keys.
But all Eclipse, Netbeans, IDEA, Vim, Emacs (vimpulse) have emulations
you can use today.

The only solution which I know about providing import assistance for
scala projects is Vim:

Its a 1h hack which is using .jar contents to find about fqn of classes.
So it may not find everything and may have some false positives. Yet it
does a quite good job in 95% of all cases. Its using the error output of
the compiler to find out about missing classes.

Vim also features camel case matching. eg .gA expands to getAlias.

Emacs (Ensime) can browse .jar files. However Ensime only highlights
errors at the moment. Codefellow (for Vim) buts errors into the quickfix
cycle which let's you jump to error locations fastest.

I think ensime (Emacs) has a SBT shell. For Vim there is an addon on my
github page. However its less interactive and may hang in some cases.
(Its still very usable).

If people say "mental model" I agree. But being able to jump to
definitions is very useful when learning languages.
I don't have always time to build up a mental model of everything
before I can start working..
Not having to lookup / remember the exact spelling of some words can
speed you up. That's what I use completion for. So for me its important.

Marc Weber

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Re: Best free IDE for Scala?

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 9:01 AM, Marc Weber wrote:
> Some month ago I found that completion was best in Eclipse. IDEA did not
> find all. This may have changed.

I would guess that this was a configuration error. IDEA has had
completion for a while and I have seen it working in many machines.


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