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what every new language needs

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Eric Hubbard
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  As I'm learning scala -- I've noticed that it is missing something that most widely adopted languages have.   A good old fashion Fighting Robot game!  :)   You know what I mean -- stuff like RoboWars, CRobots, PRobots and the offshoots.   It would be interesting to design the game so that a lot of features of the Scala language could be used.   The game itself ends up being a valuable learning tool for would be developers.

Is someone already working on something like this?  Is there interest in developing something like this?   I've done some work on converations of CRobots into Java, and evolving java byte-code to try and come up with genetically designed bots.     So if no one is already started on something like this -- then it might be a good exercise for me to learn Scala.  If someone else has already started on this -- then I'd like to talk with them!

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