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new textmate bundle and theme

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I held out for literally years hoping someone else would come along and
make me a nice textmate bundle, but I am too weak to hold out any
longer. So here are the bundle and theme I am maintaining now:

I do not claim they are complete, but for the first time ever,
everything seems to be about the color I expect. Which is not to say
there won't be major changes still in the colors, but it's hard to
choose a syntax highlighting scheme which doesn't look like someone
nuked Crayolaville and I don't have infinite tweaking patience.

And do try out the ccc snippet: it's unlikely to be super useful as it
is, but I bet seeing what it does will give you ideas for other ones.

Now that I have gained facility with the (unfortunately still tedious)
process of writing fancy snippets, I would like to boost my snippet
usage by a quantum. I get a ton of mileage out of omain: no more
resting on my snippet laurels. Taking suggestions.

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