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Learn Scala - Events

If you are considering Scala or just out to learn more there are two more great opportunities for you. Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala will be doing a Scala teach-in at Skills Matter in London on the 9th June. While at OSCON in Portland, Oregon on the 20 July you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced Scala folks in the industry.  

Scala Summit, a full day of Scala

It takes place on Tuesday 20 July, a part of OSCON which runs July 19-23, 2010 Portland, Oregon. The day is packed with high value content ranging from basics to advanced use and lots of opportunities to talk to the presenters off-line.

The sessions are: 

  • The Seductions of Scala (Dean Wampler)
  • Why Scala? (Alex Payne, Twitter)
  • Akka: (Jonas Bonér)
  • Simple Build Tool(SBT) (Mark Hurrah) 
  • Specs & Scala, Tips and Tricks for a Friendly DSL Syntax (Eric Torreborre)
  • Lift: Quick and Fun (David Pollak)
  • Rewiring Android with Scala (Nathan Hamblen)
  • Scala in Practice (Alex Payne, Coda Hale)
  • Scala’s Powerful Language Features (Daniel Spiewak)

Scala teach-in at Skills Matter

Martin Odersky will give a scala course at Skills Matter in London UK 09 June 2010. This will be a mixed talk and hands-on, highly interactive course. A rare opportunity to spend 2 days learning about Scala from the man who created it.

"If you are a Systems Architect or a Programmer, and you want to gain skills in functional programming and advanced object-oriented techniques using the Scala programming language, this Scala Workshop is for you!" 


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