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YaScalaDT 0.3.0

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YaScalaDT 0.3.0 is released, it the same as 0.2.1 + a builder based on scalacs 0.2 (limited to scala 2.7.7).
Current features (same as previous announce):
* basic editor** syntax highlighting  :comment, string, keyword** completion of pair (..), {..}, "..", [..], /*..*/ ** templates completion* error marker from console output* hyperlink/jumper on error/warning from console output (run from maven, sbt, ...)* basic preferences panel* basic builder based of scalacs 0.2
So=> no freeze when typing, compilation on save or on clean/force build=> no code completion, type inference,...
The EPFL Scala plugin is not required, but it could work with YaScalaDT.
Installation (extract from :
* remove previous version from your eclipse/dropins directory if you installed 0.2.0* add the update-site and follow the wizard to install the plugin YaScalaDT * see the documentation for additional configuration suggestion
Links :
[1] doc : [2] wiki :[3] issue tracker : [4] source :[5] update-site :[6] scalacs :
feedback welcome.

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