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[ANN] O/R Broker 3.0 beta 1

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O/R Broker 3.0 has reached first beta. It's a JDBC framework that relies on a JDBC data source and otherwise hides the JDBC API.

What it is:
  • A framework for the relational database connesuir, i.e. someone for whom query performance is an important and ongoing effort; who knows when to use, and needs, the various transaction isolation levels and where transaction scope is under full control. Or just if you happen to work with a fascist DB admin.
  • A minimalist API built for the most common use cases, enforcing proper and optimal access, including stored procedure calls.
  • A framework for externalizing SQL into text files for better organization and post-deployment modification and optimization.
  • Intended for legacy database access, where tables, indices, procedures, etc cannot be modified to satisfy the ORM du jour.
  • For Scala 2.8
What it's NOT:
  • An ORM tool in the traditional sense, i.e. SQL generation etc.
  • A Scala query DSL
  • For Scala 2.7 or less
Available here:

Feedback is much appreciated.

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