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Scala Days - Jam Packed!

Jam packed with a schedule of advanced research and technical talks by some of the most knowlegable experts in the industry. Jam packed with Scala community know-how, over 80 people already registered. And jam packed with opportunities to meet and talk to other Scala developers. Scala Days 2010, 15-16 April, EPFL, Switzerland.

The full schedule of sessions, presenters and abstracts is now available. It is the time to take a look, decide what to see and get organised to come! At Scala Days you'll have a ball! Learn about the latest research, see how smart people are applying it in serious commercial applications, talk over your ideas, your company projects with other top notch people, people like Chris Conrad (from LinkedIn), Nathan Hamblen (SPDE contributor), Jorge Ortiz (Lift web framework committer) , Kunle Olukotun (Director Stanford Pervasive Parallelism Lab) Miles Sabin (Eclipse PlugIn), David Copeland (Industry Consultant), Heiko Seeberger (ScalaModules), Jonas Bonér (AKKA) and Josh Suereth (Maven-scala-plugin and more), and of course the entire EPFL Scala research group with Martin Odersky.

The Thursday evening Scala Days reception will give you the opportunity to enjoy a bit of the local Swiss culture and provide a convivial environment to discuss your projects and the days sessions with the other participants.

Prof. Kunle Olukotun, director of the Stanford PPL lab, will kick off the Friday sessions by giving you a look at the emerging computer architectures, the challenges they present, approaches to the multi-core problem and the implications for programming languages like Scala.

A part of Friday afternoon will be dedicated to looking ahead. Use of Scala has grown by a factor of eight during 2009. You, the members of the scala community have been tremendous innovators, taking Scala into all sorts of new commercial and scientific applications. In doing so you have learnt what works and what is needed. A part of the afternoon session will draw on these learnings and with your help endeavor to map out the future directions for Scala and its ecosystem. This is your chance to drive where Scala is headed and make it fit better with your needs.

Time flies! Book your hotel and register soon. The special discounted hotel price rates negotiated for Scala Days participants expires 15th March.

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