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Cloud Computing with Scala

Nikita Ivanov, Founder and CEO of GridGain will be presenting "Cloud Computing with Scala and GridGain" in the "New Cloud!" track at the The ServerSide Java Symposium, March 17-19, 2010, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. This will be the first showing of the GridGain v3.0 code base in a practical hands-on session where he will show you how to use Scala with GridGain’s cloud development platform to create simple and productive cloud computing platforms. TSSJS will have lots of informative sessions for you and the added bonus of being able to listen to James Gosling, the father of Java, keynote speech too.

GridGain had the vision of making a product that will make grid computing an everyday tool for the enterprise application developer. GridGain has already become popular among many commercial users and this capability to use it so simply with Scala will make it even more accessible.

You can see a short, get you started, example in Nikita's tutorial article "A Scala-based DSL for Cloud Computing" on his blog. Or you may like to see his presentation on GridGain or see how it can be used, for example, with the JBOSS cache for map-reduce applications. Cloud computing in Scala has just become much easier!

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