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Scala Incubator build framework for 'scala-xml'

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Anthony B. Coates
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Hi everyone. Sorry I've been so slow with this. In wanting to have a
Scala Incubator project for Scala XML code, I wanted to avoid having to
completely replicate the Scala trunk. I have just posted a simple
build framework to the Incubator's GitHub repository:

There are instructions here:

In a nutshell, you check out Scala from GitHub and build it. Then, in a
directory beside that checkout directory, you check out your incubator
code. The incubator framework compiles the incubator classes, then it
unpacks the main JARs, overwrites the classes with the incubator classes,
and re-builds the JARs. In this way, you only need to have a minimum of
files in the incubator project, and you never have to edit your Scala
trunk (although you should update and rebuild it regularly).

I would be grateful for feedback on whether other people think this is a
workable setup. Thanks very much in advance,

Cheers, Tony.
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