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Scala Track at JAX London 2010

JAX is a great forum to learn about the latest technologies and meet knowlegable experts in the industry This year JAX has dedicated a day to the growing Scala community. For those of you in the UK or planning to be there, JAX takes place from 22 to 24 February at the Novotel London West. If you want to learn more about Scala drop in on Ted Neward "Busy Java Developer's Guide to Scala" sessions for insights and practical guidance; Functional Java, Objects, Functions, Scala + Services.

Re: Scala Track at JAX London 2010

If you are thinking of going to JAXLondon, the London Scala Users Group have a discount code LSUG1 for 5% off the price. We are also organizing a trip to the pub afterwards if there is enough interest. Details can be found here:



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