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Re: [scala-bts] #4e4e4e: invoking toString results in ambiguity error on some classes

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Reporter: washburn | Owner: scala-xml_team
Type: defect | Status: closed
Priority: normal | Component: XML support
Version: Unreleased-2.8.x | Resolution: fixed
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Changes (by extempore):

* status: reopened => closed
* version: Scala 2.7.1 => Unreleased-2.8.x
* resolution: => fixed


As I approached the bottom of the bucket of xml bugs, I came to realize
that this toString business was standing in the way of my fixing #1787.
(The generated Select(value, nme.toString_) would fail because of the same
ambiguity.) I am not without sympathy for the viewpoint that toString
should be overloadable, but this has sat here unresolved forever, nobody
has volunteered any plan for addressing the underlying conflict, and I
don't think it's sensible to keep inflicting this bugginess on the world
just to make a theoretical point. We know how to fix it, we have the
renaming technology.

Fixed in r17619.

The argument-taking versions of toString are now called buildString. I
couldn't call them addString as in the collections classes because Node
and friends all descend from Iterable, so I was going to have to override
that, but they have differing semantics because of decoding etc -- so I
thought it best to avoid it altogether.

Incidentally, deprecating the methods instead of removing them altogether
would mean the problem persists until they are actually removed. I think
we should bite the bullet and just remove them. It's not like it'll be
the only breaking change in 2.8.

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