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Re: [scala-bts] #2f2f2f: PrettyPrinter.cut enters infinite recursion if text is same length as constructor width argument

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constructor width argument
Reporter: drjwsimmons | Owner: scala-xml_team
Type: defect | Status: closed
Priority: normal | Component: XML support
Version: Unreleased-2.8.x | Resolution: fixed
Keywords: XML PrettyPrinter |
Changes (by extempore):

* cc: paulp@… (added)
* status: new => closed
* version: => Unreleased-2.8.x
* resolution: => fixed


Fixed in r17607. Took me a while for a 1 character fix. Thank you for
being so precise about the inducement conditions, else I'm sure it would
have taken me quite a bit longer.

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