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Scala Days 2012 - Shaping Up!

Already over 160 people are coming to Scala Days 2012, April 17/18, a full complement of research papers are in, and more than 25 practical technical talks have been proposed, with more on the way. They cover a diverse set of interests including: Scala in the browser, Anti-XML, Binary Compatibility, Web Frameworks, Cloud computing, Big data processing, Akka 2.0, unified Futures, Testing, new immutable data structures and much more.

Of course, Martin will be talking about the future of Scala, while Guy Steele and Simon Peyton-Jones keynotes will give strong hints as to where languages are going in general. On the other hand the keynote by Anthony Rose will give a succesful technical entrepreneurs insight into where technolgy is taking the media and television industry.

There will be opportunities to find out about the latest Scala Eclipse Plugin developments and roadmap from Iulian Dragos or learn about the latest EPFL language research areas, Virtualization from Adriaan Moors, the "Delite" project from Tiark Rompf or just share ideas with the rest of the EPFL team that will be there.

The London area has the fastest growing Scala commercial user community in the world. You can expect to see people from financial companies like HSBC, Morgan Stanley, UBS, GSA Capital as well as fast growing innovative companies like Zeebox and Mind Candy. And of course lots of people from the USA will be joining us too, companies like Autodesk, Heroku, Jayway, and so on.

Being at the London Barbican means there will be lots of space and a super environment for casual meet ups with all these people. More space for technical sessions. There is still time for you to submit another great talk and be included in the program too, deadline 22 Feb.

With the help of our Sponsors, Skills Matter, Typesafe, Heroku, Zeebox and Cloud Foundry we are able to offer participants a magical evening reception and dinner at the Lincoln Inn, one of Londons classic historical buildings.

Don't leave it too late to reserve your place at Scala Days 2012. Register soon!

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