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Lift 2.4 Released

The community of Lift developers have proudly released Lift 2.4 final, a very mature Web Framework for Scala used by many companies like the Guardian, foursquare and Open Study. Many new feature have been added and fixes provided for most of the known bugs.

Lift developers and users will enjoy the benefits that come with the great set of new enhancements. They respond nicely to Lift user feedback and make the developer task that much easier, to mention but a few: improved JSON support, Squeryl/Record support for Crudify, much better support for reference records and binary fields for MongoDB, BsonDSL support (BSON types to JsonDSL), improved Mailer functionality, beefed up CSS Selector transformers and html5 compliant templates using data-lift attribute.

Visit the Lift site to find out about all the new enhancements and details on this and the earlier releases.

The core committers and project leaders, Indrajit Raychaudhuri, Andreas Joseph Krogh, David Whittaker, Naftoli Gugenheim, Diego Medina, Franz Bettag, Mads Hartmann Jensen, Jeppe Nejsum Madsen and David Pollak, always welcome new developers to the community and all user feedback as they plan the future Lift releases. Lift is very much a community led project with a very enthusiastic group of contributors. Why not become one of them?

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