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Deprecation of Scala Actors in 2.10 (Scala meeting summary: Dec-Jan 2011-2012)

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Simon Ochsenreither
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From the notes:

  • actors migration (with Akka team)
    • Agreed to deprecate actors in Scala library in 2.10. Scala actors will get the interface similar to Akka actors and Akka actors will provide react method so users do not have to make drastic changes.
    • (CPS in or not? → analyzed user code, only found 1 relatively simple example),
    • migration guide
    • Test cases
I wonder if this will happen in the usual deprecate-remove cycle. If I understand correctly, Scala Actors will get additional methods to make migration easier in 2.10 and will then be removed/replaced by Akka actors in 2.11? Will those Akka Actor classes be shipped with the Scala distribution (under scala.actors), with a bundled library (probably under akka.actors) or is it necessary to download additional jars when people need Actor functionality?

By the way: Why is the package name plural (actors)? Shouldn't it be like scala.colletion or scala.util?

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PS: Is there a chance to get rid of dbc for 2.10, too? It seems to be a case very similar to

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