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maven archetypes

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The maven archetypes for scala are way out of date.
1.3/ Sat Nov 20 01:57:08 PST 2010Would it be possible to making a maven archetype as one of the steps in putting together scala numbered releases? That way we at least have an archetype that we can point our IDE or friends to each time. The 1.3 archetype is so out of date now that using it and then hacking versions about is more likely to leave you with a borked pom than anything else. Throw in problems with finding the right scalatest/check/specs libs, and it leaves a really bad impression for anyone just casually trying out a hello-world scala project with maven.
I know lots of people in this community use SBT, but a large chunk of people from the Java world are used to maven, and right now this gateway to scala adoption simply is not open to them.
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