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Overloaded implicits

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John Shahid
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Does anyone know of a problem with overloaded implicit methods ? Here's a gist with an example that doesn't compile ( I also pasted it below in case you cannot open the gist:

package bmrk.eod.parsing.examples.inference

import java.util.SortedMap

object Implicits {   implicit def implicitDef[T <: AnyRef](key:String,columns:SortedMap[String,String]) (implicit m:Manifest[T]):T = {     null.asInstanceOf[T]   }
  // If the next method is removed this file will compile   implicit def implicitDef[T <: AnyRef](key:String,columns:List[(String,String)]) (implicit m:Manifest[T]): T = {     null.asInstanceOf[T]   } }
class Test {   import Implicits._
  def someMethod[S](implicit anotherMethod:(String,SortedMap[String,String]) => (Manifest[S]) => S) = {     anotherMethod(null, null)   }
  val foo = someMethod[String] }

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