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JActor--85 million messages per second on an i5--faster than disruptor?

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Bill La Forge
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I've converted a small portion of the AsyncFP project to Java, making some improvements in the process. The Java version is a lot faster, clocking in at 85 million messages per second, but I'm not sure that all the credit should go to Java. In addition to various improvements in the Java code, I've also switched from my old laptop, a core duo, to my new computer, an i5 that has is just back from the shop. Also, I've completely redone my benchmark--it is a lot more flexible and allowed me to do some tuning to get the enhanced numbers.

I am immodestly proclaiming JActor to be the fastest Actor implementation to date in any language. Faster, I think, than even the disruptor pattern. But if you say I am wrong, I'll humbly retract that claim.

Looking forward to your feedback.


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