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Problem in the compiler that break serialization: closures in inizializer of structural types

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In working on my scala layer on top of hadoop I have encontered the following issue with the code generated by the compiler that breaks serialization. It is not a big deal normally, but it is a very annoying and difficult problem to track, and if solved might help also the folks developing spark, which I heard ran into similar issues.


object SerializerBug {
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val a = 1
val b = "hello, world"
val obj = new { val f = () => println(a.toString + " " + b) }


new ObjectOutputStream(new ByteArrayOutputStream).writeObject(obj)

breaks with the following output:
1 hello, world
Exception in thread "main" SerializerBug$$anon$1
at SerializerBug$.main(SerializerBug.scala:14)
at SerializerBug.main(SerializerBug.scala)

I added it to jira:

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