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Sriram Srinivasan


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Subject: [scala-debate] generalize unionWith to all Maps?




I often find myself wanting to use IntMap's unionWith method on arbitrary Maps (as in haskell's Data.Map).

Is there any reason why it is not present in Map? (other than just because nobody thought of it / had the time to implement it).



Philippe Lhoste
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Re: unsubscibe

Funny. Not only people doesn't read instructions (but
still lacks explicit explanations on how to unsubscribe; I suppose one can go to Google
Groups site to find how to do it, but still, it might reduce the amount of such messages),
but that's two times this month I see people using this old Mailman (?) trick to
unsubscribe... with a typo which would make it not working anyway. Perhaps that's the
reason why this method is now rarely used...

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