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Help with parameterized types and Squeryl

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Nolan Darilek
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I have a Model class which I use to define a few common fields, methods
and other behaviors. I define it like so:

trait Model[OwnerType <: Record[OwnerType]] extends KeyedEntity[String] {
self: OwnerType =>

def table: Table[OwnerType]

object id extends StringField(this.asInstanceOf[OwnerType], 36) {
override def defaultValue = newID


def save = {

def delete_! = table.deleteWhere( === id)


When I try compiling that, though, I get:

Cannot prove that OwnerType <:< org.squeryl.KeyedEntity[_].
[error] table.update(this)
[error] ^

Same with the delete_! method.

How do I tweak my parameterized types to fix this? I have a hard time
wrapping my head around that aspect of Scala.

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