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Scala Meeting report 2011/09/27

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This summary is intended for Scala contributors and maintainers, and assumes a certain familiarity with Scala's internals.
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Scala Meeting 2011/09/27


Eugene: reading up on macro’s, has prepared talk (
Miguel: CLR generics, improvements on 3address-intermediate form
Martin: reflection
Lukas: More implementing of state effect checking
Adriaan: halved compilation time of quick.comp when using virtualising patmat (by inlining flatMap/orElse as the corresponding if-then-else),  virtualising new (row-types) + typed selectDynamic on rows (with Nada&Grzegorz), dependent method types
Toni: 2.8.2 is out; migration
Hubert: back to square one with error trees, teaching
Heather: Fixed some issues with custom thread pools, lots of semester project meetings, translated 3 weeks of Advanced Programming
Manohar: delite benchmarking (reading up)
Nada: wrestling with virtual new (we want to use it for JS literals)
Grzegorz: Scala+GWT+IDE, new release today of Scala+GWT, me and Nada wrestling with virtual new (we want to use it for JS literals)
Phil: wrapping up vector concat paper
Philipp: Working on Delite profiler and source contexts. Gave talk on DSL debugging in Kunle's group meeting. Reviewing last bits of actors book.
Josh: sbt build can now resolve external dependencies (checkout scalacheck from github and compile it), community extension libraries Vlad


Scala+GWT demo in Eclipse

Grzegorz made some nice progress on Scala+GWT, and made it work with Eclipse IDE.

Eugene’s Macro talk

JIRA issues

Lukas will look at this with Vojin this week, concretely updating the tools to the latest version. HTTP logging is enabled now.

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