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jEdit ENSIME Sidekick

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I'm not doing proper releases for the ENSIME sidekick plugin for jEdit.  However, I thought I would let everyone know that it has reached a stage of some stability and quite compelling usefulness.  Even more important, it's no longer specific to my machine!  The full feature set is as follows:
  • Support for all types of valid ENSIME projects (including those with sbt-subprojects, but oddly not those with comments in the .ensime file)
  • Error reporting on save (major timesaver, mostly because it's lightning fast)
  • Inspect type
  • Jump to declaration
  • AST-based selection
  • Import suggestions (with slightly-stupid but surprisingly reliable insertion point detection)
  • Custom SBT launch configuration, for people with really demanding builds (requires a slight change to ENSIME that I forgot to push back to Aemon; willdo shortly)
I've also spent a fair amount of time stabilizing the plugin and improving feedback in error cases, so if ENSIME (or jEdit) does something wacky, you'll probably know it.  There is an ensime.kill action to allow you to restart the server in such cases.  Finally, the plugin now has a proper tarball distribution, so it's much easier to try out.  Oh, and I've done a cheesy screencast showing off some of the features, for those of you who like such things:

As of right now, I'm out of time to continue working on the plugin.  If I find a bug that impacts my day-to-day work, I'll probably squash it.  Also, I'll probably pick it back up at some point in the future.  However, it's pretty solid right now, and as it is forward-compatible with future releases of ENSIME, it should remain useful for quite a while, at least to me!  :-)  Hopefully it will be useful to someone else as well.


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