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Re: Re: overloaded method with context bounds seen as ambiguous

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Chris Lewis
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Thanks Paul. I thought it must have been scope related but I didn't test
changes to access modifiers. I'm curious if anyone else has been bitten
by this. I try to avoid overloading and I think many people do as a
general guideline (I've altered mine to work around this), so I'm
reluctant to open a bug requiring special casing that affects a feature
of the language I actively try to avoid.

On a final note, if you were to implement a special case, it seems the
rule would be to fail on any overloaded curried functions whose scopes
are identical, not simply public. That is:

object foo {
private[foo] def ovr(s: String)(i: Int) = s + i
private[foo] def ovr(s: String)(s2: String) = s + s2

suffers the same problem as the all public version, does it not? These
methods can never be disambiguated because they share the same scope.

Thanks for setting me straight.


On 08/21/2011 10:57 PM, Paul Phillips wrote:
> On 8/21/11 11:26 AM, Chris Lewis wrote:
>> object foo {
>> def ovr(s: String)(i: Int) = s + i
>> def ovr(s: String)(s2: String) = s + s2
>> }
>> Even though they appear distinguishable when defined, as soon as
>> either is called, the compiler fails at the call site. Therefore,
>> even if definable, neither version can ever be referenced or the
>> compiler will fail.
>> Can someone please explain why this is expected, or concur that it is
>> a bug.
> In the general case, ambiguity is a function of the call site, not the
> definition.
> object foo {
> private[foo] def ovr(s: String)(i: Int) = s + i
> def ovr(s: String)(s2: String) = s + s2
> }
> This is ambiguous inside foo, but not outside it. It is a potential
> enhancement to special-case and statically fail the curried overload
> where all participants are public, but it isn't a bug that this isn't
> done.

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