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Potential changes in reactive-web

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Naftoli Gugenheim
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If you use reactive-web or are thinking of using it, then I'd like your opinion on some changes I was thinking of making. Here are the details of the tickets:
  1. - Config class for configuring (currently only) how to render DomMutations: Many methods and constructors will require an implicit CanRenderDomMutationConfig parameter. If you have an objection to the proliferation of implicit parameters please speak up!
  2. - Remove page management (and related operations) from Reactions, let each Page contain its own comet actor: The following Reactions methods will no longer work: def findPage(id: String): Option[Page], def isPageAlive(id: String): Boolean, def removePage(page: Page), and def register(page: Page). If you have an objection please speak up!
  3. - Rename DOMProperty, DOMEventStream to DomProperty, DomEventStream: If you object to this change please speak up!

You can comment on the ticket or here.

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