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A testing framework for Scala actors: please try it!

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Hi all,

We (a group at UIUC) have created a testing framework for Scala
actors, named "Setac" ( .
It is presented as a paper in Scala days 2011 (http://days2011.scala- The idea is that it allows the users to control the
schedule of the test execution and check the assertions at
times. Please try the tool and give me your feedback.

My goal is to port Setac for Akka actors as well. In order to improve
the framework, I need some actor programs so that I can see which
features are required to be included in an actor testing framework. I
would be happy to help with any of you to test your actor programs and
also look into the test cases you wrote for testing your programs.
Please let me know if you have written any actor program or you know
about some actor systems/test suites that might help me.


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