The Scala programming language is an open source project with a very diverse community, where people from all over the world contribute their work, with everyone benefitting from friendly help and advice, and kindly helping others in return. So why not join the Scala community and help everyone make things better?

How to help?

Reporting bugs

See our bug reporting guide to learn how to efficiently report a bug.

Help with the documentation

An easy but very important way to contribute to Scala is to help with the guide/tutorial-style documentation on If you want to contribute to Scala standard library API docmentation, the process is slightly different, since API documentation lives within Scala standard library source code.

Compiler and other tools

More info in our contributing guide.

Community Tickets

The following links provide starting points for various contributor activities:


Help augment or correct the documentation.

Core Libraries

Community bugs and enhancements on the core libs.


Help with the Scala tool chain.


Ready for a challenge? Here's the compiler bugs.


All bugs marked with the label community.

All Issues

Bugs + Enhancements marked with the label community.