Scala 2.6.1-final

API Specification

This document is the API specification for Scala Library Documentation

Class Summary
class CircularIncludeException (message : java.lang.String) extends XIncludeException

A CircularIncludeException is thrown when an included document attempts to include itself or one of its ancestor documents.

class UnavailableResourceException (message : java.lang.String) extends XIncludeException

An UnavailableResourceException is thrown when an included document cannot be found or loaded.

class XIncludeException (message : java.lang.String) extends java.lang.Exception with AnyRef

XIncludeException is the generic superclass for all checked exceptions that may be thrown as a result of a violation of XInclude's rules.

Constructs an XIncludeException with the specified detail message. The error message string message can later be retrieved by the {@link java.lang.Throwable#getMessage} method of class java.lang.Throwable.